JAHANGARD 旅行社过十五年经验提供国内和国外到美国,加拿大,欧洲,澳洲,。。。各种旅行和旅游服务含有出席娱乐,展览会,礼拜,游轮,也有成功失重经历。我们欢迎进口旅行。

健康旅游或医疗旅游是最重要的旅游类型之一,每年都会吸引许多游客前往伊朗。游客前往伊朗的原因很多。在西阿塞拜疆,阿尔达比勒,东阿塞拜疆,设拉子,西斯坦和Bal路支斯坦,拉什特,伊斯法罕,布什尔,库姆等省伊朗医疗旅游的原因 是:不育症,牙科,眼科疾病,心血管疾病,整形外科,癌症相关疾病也为水处理,污泥处理,盐处理等领域的健康旅游。

低廉的治疗费用也使伊朗成为世界上健康旅游的最佳和最合适的目的地之一,JAHANGARD 旅行社准备在这方面提供保健包。

The Jahangard Travel Agency with over 15 years of experience in providing travel and touring services in domestic tours and outbound tours to US, Canada, Europe and Australia in all areas of recreational, exhibition, religious, cruise, as well as successful space and zero gravity tours in its business case now is ready to host incoming tours.

Our goal is to make the entrance tours easier for tourists to visit the natural and historical – cultural monuments of the country and to introduce our beloved Iran to the world.
Offering services such as lodging, visas, car rentals, classic and specialized tours such as Marcopoulos Pass, Silk Road, Iranian Carpet, Iranian Apparel, Spice Road, Sufism, Iranian Castles, Literature Special Tours, Tours Specializing in bird watching, entomology, botany, food tourism, health tourism, sports tourism, etc. for all ages, (students, employees, retirees, etc.), group and individual, according to your taste, hopes that it can play a role in creating a different experience in visiting the mysterious land of Iran.
Health tourism or Medical Tourism is one of the most important types of tourism that attracts many tourists to Iran annually. Tourists travel to Iran for many reasons. The reasons for Medical tourism in Iran are: inequality, dentistry, eye diseases, cardiovascular diseases, plastic surgery, cancer-related diseases and health tourism in the areas of water treatment, sludge treatment, salt treatment, etc. in the provinces such as West Azerbaijan, Ardabil, East Azerbaijan, Shiraz, Sistan and Balochistan, Rasht, Isfahan, Bushehr, Qom and so on.
The low cost of treatment has also made Iran one of the best and most suitable destinations for health tourism in the world and the Jahangard Travel Agency is ready to provide health packages and advice in this area.