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How to get Iran visa? What is the fastest way to obtain Iran visa? TRAVEL TO IRAN!

The most convenient way to obtain Iran visa :

Anyone to enter another country needs to obtain a visa before entering it.You need to have a permit to travel to Iran.You have 2 ways to get your visa : 1- Personalize the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and sign up for registration. 2-Do it through one of the travel agencies that have a visa permit. It is the most convenient way to obtain Iran visa. Dear travelers who are going to travel to the beautiful and hospitable country of Iran, you must have a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months, so that you can take the necessary steps to obtain a visa and travel to Iran.
EMAIL US : and after that we apply online on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and get your approval number to Iran.
This means your visa approved by theMinistry of Foreign Affairs. WELCOME TO IRAN…



Iranian visa rules:

This law implies a policy that Iran has taken to enter the majority of citizens of a foreign country and their residence. This process is not the same for all citizens of the country. This may take several months for American citizens. Iran has issued an airport visa for the convenience of foreign tourists. In addition, seven countries, including Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Georgia, Lebanon, can enter Iran without a visa and only with a passport with a valid date of at least 6 months. Of course, the duration of stay in Iran is due to diplomatic agreements.

Note: Foreign nationals can travel free to Iran free zones (Kish, Qeshm, Chabahar) for a visa free for 14 days or less. In the event of a continuation of this trip or entry to other cities in Iran, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs deployed in that free zone will go to Iran to apply for a visa to Iran.

We suggest that you take the job to the “Jahangard Travel Co. of Isfahan”. In addition to obtaining a visa authorization from the ministry, the agency will reduce your visitor’s visa time by utilizing its communication and administrative privileges in the organization. Send Email To:

Iran visa: tourist, with the cheapest and the fastest time possible

How long is Iran’s tourist visa valid?

The validity of Iran’s visa is 3 months. You can stay in Iran for 30 days with this type of visa. If passengers have an interest in staying in Iran for more than 30 days, they must apply for an extension of the Iranian visa. It should be noted that the residence exceeds the prescribed period of time contrary to the laws of the Islamic Republic. Visa holders should follow the rules of the country after entering Iran. It should be noted that the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is free to issue visas or not, and the issuance of visas takes place according to the State Department.



Iranian visa types :

Iranian tourist visa, Pilgrimage visa, Work visa, Multiple visas,etc.

Iranian tourist visa :

For tourists from different countries who want to visit the tourist attractions of Iran. This is the most popular type of visa in Iran.

Required documents for obtaining tourist visas in Iran:

🎗 A scan of the personal Photo

🎗 A scan of the first page of passport

🎗 Filling up the form we send you

Send us your documents:

Multiple visas :

Some experts and businessmen have to travel to Iran several times during a specified period. This type of visa is issued to such individuals. Conditions for obtaining multiple Iranian visas: ۱- Having 3 visas for one month in Iran to get a 3-month visa. ۲- Having 2 visas for 3 months for a 6 month visa. ۳- Having 2 Iranian 6-month visas to get a one-year visa.

Important tips on how to get a visa from Iran :

* On Saturday and Friday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran is closed.

* The State Department’s working hours are from 8am to 16pm.

* When you apply for a visa, it takes 2 to 7 business days to prepare your visa number.

* It takes 3 business days to send a message to the Iranian embassy in the requested country.

* Then the traveler, having the necessary documents, went to the Iranian embassy and paid the amount specified at the embassy and it took a few days for the visa to be affixed to his passport.

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